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Our proofreading and editing services are charged per word. The following tables outline how we calculate our price according to the number of words in your manuscript and the industry standard of 250 words per manuscript page:

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Upon receiving an estimate for our services, our customers may ask us to provide a sample edit of the first 500 words (fiction or non-fiction) or 250 words (scientific/academic) of their manuscript before accepting to work with us. If the client agrees to move forward, s/he will receive a finalized quote according to the needs of the manuscript. Once the job has been completed, our editors will inform the client and send him/her an invoice outlining the services performed for payment. Payment is due 50% upfront, 50% upon completion. However, the final edit, which includes the documents listed in the WHAT YOU GET section in our website, will not be released to the client until payment for the job has been fulfilled.

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